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Happy Birthday SNI

Today, October 1st, marks Sensor Networks, Inc’s 4thAnniversary. We’re super excited and pleased to celebrate our amazing growth trajectory. Four years ago, we started with just three employees, a 1,200 square feet office (111 square meters), zero customers and a blank piece of paper for our sole but non-existent product offering.

Sensor Networks, Inc turns four.Today, we have 45 employees, over 12,000 square feet (1,110 square meters) of office, lab & factory space, dozens of products, seven pending patents, hundreds of satisfied customers and four remote employees at offices in Houston, Hong Kong and Osaka. For the original three employees: Mark Feydo, Jim Barshinger and Bruce Pellegrino, it’s been an amazing and fun ride.

We thank the 42 who have joined us since October 1st, 2014, and are grateful to our wonderful suppliers, dealers and customers for their support as we look forward to the future and continue to leverage our strengths and prior investments in people, equipment & technology.

In celebration of our 4th anniversary we’re launching a new newsletter format. We hope you find this new interactive newsletter more engaging and educational. Please be sure to add this new email address to your Safe Sender list.

Meet Mark Matthews

Mark MatthewsSNI is pleased to announce a new addition to our ever-growing team. Mark Matthews joined Sensor Networks, Inc. on July 1st, 2018. He is a RVI veteran sales professional and has over 20 years related experience at companies like Everest VIT, GE Inspection Technologies and Hexagon Metrology. Contact Mark at matthews@sensornetworksinc.com or 610.425.2210 for a RVI demo or application consultation.

Mark will also be attending and presenting at SPRINT Robotics’ 1st World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics, Nov 13-14 in Galveston, TX.

Learn more. 

Upcoming Conferences

Please come and visit Jeff Anderson, Steve Strachan and Mark Matthews at: ASNT’s Fall 2018 Conference (October 28-31) – Houston, TX. Click below for a complimentary show pass:

Check out our fall and winter 2018 trade show schedule on our website. For the 4th quarter of 2018 we’ll be presenting at:

  • 6th Opportunity Crudes Conference (10/23-10/24) – Sugar Land, TX
  • ASNT Fall Conference (10/28-10/31) – Houston, TX (exhibiting)
  • Managing Aging Plants (11/13-11/14) – Houston, TX
  • 1st World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics (11/13-11/14) – Galveston, TX (exhibiting)

JAWS 2.0™

JAWS 2.0JAWS 2.0™ is a rugged, motorized retrieval tool with integral HDTV camera and LED lighting. It is easy to use, robust and works in any industrial environment, including high radiation and underwater.

Learn more about JAWS 2.0™ by downloading its data sheet.

Download the JAWS 2.0 Data sheet here.

TZ News

New smaller, lighter and compact CCU option and a “vertical-up” RVI application.

The PTZx Camera Control Unit (CCU) is also available without the integral cable reel. This results in a smaller, lighter package suitable for customer applications where more portability or system integration is desired. An external TV monitor/recorder is also available. For more information or to request a demo contact Mark Matthews at matthews@sensornetworksinc.com or 610.425.2210.

SNI’s PTZx is most commonly used for underground or at-grade tanks, vessels and the like. However, a new application has been developed by our Singapore dealer for a local inspection service company doing work in the oil refinery market. Their customer wanted to inspect pipe-support structures and bracketing for corrosion. They required a system which was safe and relatively easy to field deploy that can efficiently perform these overhead inspections. Learn more about this application by clicking here.

microPIMS® Update


A new microPIMS® data sheet is available which illustrates the benefits of completely wireless UT thickness monitoring solutions for corrosion & erosion at oil & gas facilities and power generation stations. microPIMS® comes in two different but interchangeable models where thousands of these sensor nodes can communicate ~1 mile (1.6 kilometers) to a centralized, internet-connected gateway.

For more information or to request a demo contact Steve Strachan at strachan@sensornetworksinc.com or 281.723.3178.

Click below to download the microPIMS® Data Sheet and to watch a 90-second product walkthrough.

MicroPIMS Data Sheet.


iPIMS™ Update

Don’t like the cloud? Try iPIMS™—SNI’s in-the-fence data management solution.

iPIMS image

Although cloud connectivity brings with it “anywhere, anytime” accessibility, improved productivity and better cost efficiency it’s understandable that some companies and end users are concerned about their information hosted on the internet. Not to worry – Sensor Networks, Inc. has a new solution to address this concern: iPIMS™.

iPIMS™ is a secure, private, single server for data collection and storage. iPIMS™ is an “in-the-fence” data monitoring solution that is not web based and is able to provide secure in-house storage and management of all time & date-stamped UT thickness readings, their RF waveforms, temperature measurement, temp-corrected thickness and both short and long-term metal-loss calculations. iPIMS™ provides the accessibility of near-real-time monitoring whether it is by direct Modbus connection or by manual data collection via a datalogger. iPIMS™ has the full functionality of SNI’s very successful webPIMS™ data management software combined with the ability to connect to our accurate and cost-effective monitoring systems of smartPIMS® Modbus and smartPIMS datalogger, all while providing you secure readings to your control room or other select devices. No more conflicts with the IT department: iPIMS™ is a stand-alone, secure hardware & software offering.

For more information or to request a demo contact Steve Strachan atstrachan@sensornetworksinc.com or 281.723.3178.

SensorScan™ UT Transducers and SNI’s Vertical Integration Path

“The transducer enables and/or optimizes the UT exam,” Dane Hackenberger, Senior Transducer Designer.

SNI continues its march toward a more vertically-integrated design-build transducer business for both standard and custom phased-array transducers. The end-result for our customers is shorter lead times and consistent high-quality transducers at competitive prices.

Russ Berrier manages SNI’s ceramic shop which includes a precision dicing saw that can slice & dice piezo-ceramic materials into the size and matrix requirements for almost any industrial phased-array transducer.

Kim Condrack, SNI’s Senior Transducer Assembler, performs wiring on custom “wand” probe for aircraft-engine inspections. Array lamination technologies are developed for 16, 32, 64 and 128-element PAUT probes. This investment enhances SNI’s ability to manufacture consistent, high-quality transducers in a timely fashion with improved yields. All SensorScan™ transducers come packed in a rugged little box along with their certification documents.

The end-result is that SNI can quickly (in weeks–not months) design, build, test and certify complex-geometry PAUT transducers such as this 10 MHz x 128-element array used for detection and sizing of High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) in refinery assets.

SensorScan™ PAUT probes can be designed to work with any manufacturers instrument. Area arrays, like the 2 x 2 x 32 element shown above can focus sound energy at varying depths and the beam can be steered in any direction to increase POD and inspection productivity. For more information or to request a demo contact Jeff Anderson, President & GM:anderson@sensornetworksinc.com. Download the SensorScan™ Brochure here.:


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